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This site provides neighborhood news, information, and more. You can post comments, sign-up for activities, or link to e-mail addresses. You may view pictures of neighborhood activities. Hoping this site is helpful and entertaining for visitors and the good people of Graeler Park.


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Thank You

2008 Pool Cleanup Day Volunteers

          With hopes of reviving a healthy setting for the approaching summer, helpful neighbors took on the challenge of waking our hibernating swimming pool from a winter slumber. Volunteers arrived to a repulsive mess, which included frogs enjoying filthy green water and tons of leaves either submerged or piled along the fence. While never knowing how many helpers would arrive or how much could be accomplished, our pool friends boldly began utilizing various tools such as rakes, brooms, brushes, and hoses along with devices powered with gas or electricity. Valuable efforts came from ages ranging from the young to the not so young, with all deserving our gratitude. Time quickly passed with friendly chat and cooperative effort as progress gained momentum until lunchtime, when ready or not, the duty was nearly done. Refreshments and good morale were enjoyable, and most satisfying were the recollections of before and after, showing great accomplishments.  The bulk of the chores were completed, fresh paint now dresses the scene, and cheerful splashing sounds are enroute. Everyone can enjoy healthy summer activities because volunteers made it possible on a successful day.

Thank you for the valuable time and efforts.  

Greg Dyn, Chuck Nord, Jack Dilallo, Maryann Hale, Carol Underriner, Kevin Landmann, Dave Clark, Scott Hale, Bo Thomeczek, June Pickett, Chase Collier, Kara Nord, Stuart Beard, Lukas Landmann, Tyer Nord, Chad Collier, Diane Dyn, Ali Dyn, Carla Krazl, Jimmy Selyuta



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Swim Team first-year Graduate



American flags look great lining our streets on patriotic holidays. Our swim team has been planting flags before the surge of patriotism after nine eleven and this fundraiser covers league fees for the team.
Graeler Park Swim Team is grateful for the community support and our streets look great on patriotic holidays. Look for flags on Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day.





Are grandchildren eligible for the swim team?
Yes. However, all team families must help at meets and get an advertising sponsor or buyout.

How do I register my grandchildren so they can use the pool when they visit?
You don't. They are not members, but they can be a free guest. Members reside in Graeler Park or purchase a membership.  Free guests have no pool privileges unless a member accompanies them, even though the member could leave after escorting them to the pool. Free guests include grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren of residents, but not sisters, cousins, or uncles.  The rule allowing free overnight guests was changed to free family guests, many years ago. 

Only current residents should be listed on your registration, but an exception is made for grandparents who regularly babysit their grandchildren and want these kids added to the member roster.



Neighborhood Safety

For emergency call: 911
Fire Department 432-3660.
County Police 889-2341.
West County Precinct: 628-5500
- for security audit
- for vacation check.
Officer David Murphy: 567-9935                         or click on picure for email link.
- receive local crime stats in monthly email, upon request to Officer Godsil.
Crime trends in the county on police web page:

Neighbors keep the neighborhood safe by watching out for one another and reporting suspicious activity.
Police will do a free security audit at your house and give suggestions for improving your home security.
Police will keep an eye on your home while you are on vacation.

Neighborhood Watch Contact
Our thanks to Officer David Murphy
click picure for email link

If something doesn't seem right, report it as soon as possible. Burglar alarms can serve as a deterrent, but the response time won't likely catch a burglar in the act. Dogs are a deterrent. Know your neighbors, their cars, and regular visitors, etc. Have a buddy system for keeping an eye on neighbor's property when they're away. Have deadbolt locks (with a throw on the inside -- no double key locks). Secure sliding glass doors with pin bolt and/or pole across threshold. Lock garage doors. Motion detector lights - front and back. Do not have shrubs that block the view from windows. Landscaping should be free of places for people to hide. Leave a key with a neighbor and let the police know who has the key when on vacation. Vary your routine. Have timers on lights; especially if you're going to be away or on vacation. Leave a radio or television on. Pick up newspapers/mail. Have photos of valuables and serial numbers (preferably away from home). If there is a pattern of speeders, get the license plate number and report it. Be observant. Request a security audit.

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